Hudson River AT RISK

Ongoing web series on current and historic environmental risks to the Hudson River. These films were only a single component to the Hudson River Stories project, with the full scope of the storytelling and reporting taking place over long form journalism pieces.


Northguild is a boutique video production company and agency for creative commercial filmmaking. We specialize in a high end, stylized cinematic aesthetic to help your business or organization tell its story. By coordinating a wide network of professionals with varying skill sets, talents and equipment, we’re able to satisfy a spectrum of needs and budgets. At its core, Northguild is managed by a creative team of industry veterans who oversee and direct each project – ensuring a consistent level of quality and style is achieved every time.


Every project has a specific set of problems to solve and needs to serve.  The Guild is composed of professionals who represent a balanced cross section of talent and skill sets. We’re able to approach each project with a priority on efficiency and specialization. Because of this, we can scale production to accommodate various needs and budgets.


While the Guild is composed of myriad talented freelancers, at the head of it is a team of industry veterans who direct and coordinate each project.  Creative quality control is ensured and clients always get to work with a familiar face who has oversight and visibility on their project.


In addition to supplying the creativity and technical prowess needed to produce a wide spectrum of media, we also understand the need for tangible results and visibility on how our product can provide a return on investment for your business organization.


So many productions rely on capturing interviews to tell the most compelling stories. We pride ourselves on our looks – flattering, interesting, dramatic.

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