Our creative specialty. Decades of combined experience means we speak the language of film making, easily interfacing with Directors and Producers as the primary or 2nd Unit. We have the roster to either create an entire crew from the ground up or complement your existing crew.


Bringing cinematic style and dramatic flavor to everything we produce is our calling card, but a key aspect of serving corporate clientele is understanding the decision making processes and stakeholders attached to every project. We are sensitive to the challenge of staying on brand and on message while keeping everybody feeling endeared to the process of media production.


The most effective productions are born as written pages, well before cameras begin to roll. We bring our creativity to your table, emphasizing good taste, sharp wit and clever storytelling. By measuring twice and cutting once, a robust pre-production phase establishes a blueprint for production and common ground for outcomes.


Nothing has been more transformative for productions than the emergence of affordable aerial cinematography platforms. Once a staple of the only large budget productions, it’s now ubiquitous across the entire spectrum. That being the case, we are cinematographers who’ve become pilots – not pilots who have become cinematographers. Placing the priority and the breathtaking results speak for themselves.


Everything from live music and theater to corporate conferences and fundraiser gala’s – capturing an event is an exercise in being in the right place at the right time and not missing the moment.


Sometimes a production relies on visualizing information as graphics to best communicate an idea. Our background in graphic design and visual art complements all of our productions, making sure even the most mundane typography or logo treatment has that special magic touch.


Music sets the tone for any production, often proving the difference between a message falling flat, or surging with excitement. The composers on our roster work with the production team to create custom, original music when desired.


Filmmakers understand that an audience can be forgiving of a flawed image – but flawed audio sends people running for the exits. Recording live sound, producing foley for effects, designing sounds from scratch and mixing/mastering the audio is a necessary part of every production – an element thats never noticed if done well and all you can hear if done poorly.


The still image is still king, an evocative medium no matter the approach – wether it be street style journalism or curated studio images deliberately composed and lit by strobes. Integrated media campaigns can benefit from having our crew manage both moving and still images – switching on the fly to accommodate either need to provide images for auxiliary parts of media campaign.

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